Retail Display (Folding) Cartons

We regularly manufacture, print and assemble retail or folding cartons for customers looking for packaging that will add value to their products. Retail or folding cartons can also be a great way to sell a component kit, for example a software box that contains a CD in a jewel case or paper sleeve, a registration card and a book or manual.

Most of the retail cartons we build involve assembling and sealing a paperboard box, assembling and inserting a corrugated insert to hold the contents in place and reinforce the outer box, and inserting all of the contents.

Many of our retail cartons also include an additional front flap that includes more information about the product, usage, or installation instructions. The flaps are usually fitted with a with a Velcro tab to close.

Folding cartons can also be die-cut to include a clear plastic or poly window of any shape to display the product inside.

Finally, cartons can be sealed with one or more clear acetate seals and/or shrink-wrapped to your specifications.

Call or email us today for more information on how InserTec can help assemble your retail folding carton.

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